Each one of our top quality concrete pools is constructed with the highest quality materials available which is the strongest way to build a pool. Every pool is engineered and designed to meet individual needs, with your building site in mind.

This is how it works: 

  • Excavation – Profiles for excavation are set up and hole dug
  • Footings for block & floor starters – appropriate steel is set in place ready for footings to be poured
  • Lay and fill blocks – blocks are laid to form pool walls with all appropriate steel which is then solid filled.
  • Lay the floor – lay the floor with appropriate steel and mesh
  • Backfill & plumb – backfilling the external walls and appropriate plumbing installed back to the filtration system
  • Waterline Tiling and top copping – Laying of the waterline tiles and bull nose copping. There is such a wide range of options available for surrounds to suit all budgets and design concepts, from granite or clay to concrete and paving to the waterline tiles for an exquisite classy finish.
  • Solid Plastering – We are now ready to complete the final pool surface with a coloured plaster or quartzon finish. With a wide range of colours to choose from, the visual effects these products provides a stunning finish. Fully tiled pools, and Hydrazo are other options, which also provide years of enjoyment.


Coastline Pools supplies top quality filtration and chlorination products, suited to your pool and your family. Other options include lighting for enhancement, heating for comfort, and season extension as well as covers and cleaning equipment. A full maintenance back up service is also available.


 If you already have a pool but it is in need of some TLC, Coastline Pools also offers a pool restoration and resurfacing service:

  • Pool delamination
  • Repainting
  • Resurface
  • Tired tiles
  • Pool pump and filter services maintenance
  • General pool repairs